Travel the World in Images

Lifestyle and Landscape Travel Photography

Welcome to my travel photography portfolio. My galleries include photo stock images from beautiful, but less traveled places that can be used as effective tools in promoting your business, illustrating a book, magazine, or decorating a wall. 

My latest project is Romania, a fascinating country that has a lot to offer... from spectacular mountain vistas, the Danube river, the Black sea and Danube Delta, over 10,000 natural caves, waterfalls, friendly people, great food and a few thousand years old culture. Romania is increasingly becoming a featured destination, being considered one of the last wild places in Europe.

Check out my Romania and US travel photo galleries:

  1. Lifestyle (travel portraits, local foods, local weddings)
  2. People & Traditions (hand painted eggs, traditional costumes)
  3. Romania's Mud Volcanoes (second in Europe)
  4. Natural Caves
  5. Transylvanian Waterfalls
  6. Romanian and US landscape images, historic buildings, parks
  7. Local farms (Romanian bred horses, grape harvesting)

Many of my photographs can be licensed for commercial or personal use or are available as prints that can be ordered online.

Travel is an experience and an opportunity to record the world as I see it and help others see it through my eyes as well. In my Travel Notes, I talk about my experiences as a traveler with camera in hand. Travel notes is also a place where you can sign up for my newsletter and get a free set of Lightroom presets to use in your photography. 

Let’s explore the world in photographs!